My work has been described as “fresh and honest.”

Gestures and light conditions fascinate me: People at work, unaware of being observed, flat hazy daylight, the posture of animals, the fluorescence of hardware stores.

When I paint, I don’t draw or outline before I begin, but rather allow the image to gradually emerge.

Soft and hard edges, dark and light areas work together in an almost sculptural way to create form, revealing the subject but maintaining a quality of mystery.

In contrast to my experience working with a computer for many years as a graphic designer, I am now in love with the tactile, slippery nature of oil paint. By using a large brush or tool, and allowing my process to show, it remains clear that each piece was made by a human hand, celebrating the character of paint.

I’d love to hear from you! Email me at mel@melpaints.com

I am represented by Steffich Fine Art on Salt Spring Island, BC, Canada